May 23, 2024

As we continue to analyze last year’s key takeaways through the lens of private equity, this post will take a deeper dive into the fundraising quandary that plagued 2023. As discussed in part one of this four part series, the 2023 M&A market was down 60% from its peak two years earlier. The contraction of […]

Feb 7, 2024

When is the right time for a company to enlist the expertise of a Chief Transformation Officer (CTrO)? The answer is EARLIER! Gaining operational focused insights before a close is at the forefront of strategic discussions for Private Equity (PE) firms and their portfolio companies as they grapple with the complexities of today’s unpredictable and […]

Jan 3, 2024

How can PE Firms drive outsized returns when there have never been more competitors chasing the same number of deals? Traditionally, private equity firms used the due diligence phase to explore insights, risk mitigation, and the identification of growth prospects and had several months to dig into a company while using the financials as the […]

Aug 12, 2023

In private equity, transformation is the key to differentiated alpha, and essential to generating top quartile returns. But how do you actually create that transformation to drive growth? The Private Equity Value Creation Podcast with Nick Creasey and Scott Estill answers this crucial question by talking to those who have done it successfully.

Aug 6, 2023

In order to execute digital transformations, both Private Equity (“PE”) firms and their portfolio companies need to have the right people at the helm. Half the battle is having talent who understand how to properly leverage and utilize this new AI innovation to create actual value creation.

Jun 28, 2023

For those who are actively looking for new roles in this climate, my advice is to adopt a proactive – not reactive – approach. Here’s what that means: