May 4, 2023

What Is the Lancor Difference? 

What do we deliver to our clients that no other firm does?  Why do our clients come back to us again and again? What exactly is the Lancor difference? My partners and I have spent the past few months diving into those answers while we built our new website. We spoke with dozens of our PE clients to help us find those answers. I want to share a few key points of difference they gave us:

WE ARE PARTNER-LED: Unlike many firms, every single step of every deal is led by our senior partners. You will never be passed off to a junior associate. Our senior partners work with clients on every aspect of an engagement. It is this personal attention from the most experienced consultants in the market that leads to higher quality candidates and better outcomes. 

OUR ADVISORY IS UNIQUE: Lancor Advisory Business (“LAB”) helps private equity funds discover and evaluate forthcoming deals. How? With access to leading executives in various industries, we use our network to determine what assets may be interesting to acquire for a variety of sponsors. We connect executives with angles on these deals with firms ready to invest in these assets and industries. We spearhead a value creation plan for each asset including creating the best management teams for those portfolio companies.  

WE HAVE AN UNMATCHED NETWORK: Our partners can suggest a curated list of talent solutions within days, or even hours. That’s due to two factors. Number one, we understand the traits and characteristics that make an exceptional leader. While many pedigreed Fortune 500 leaders have excellent résumés, many just don’t have the qualities that are needed for certain roles within a PE backed asset. We know how to look beyond the résumés. Number two, our network is vetted, we only recommend the best. We’re about results, not volume. 

OUR EXPERTISE GOES WAY BEYOND JUST TECH: Many firms try and impress clients with large databases and tech-enabled searches. We start with our insights into the qualities, traits, experience, and mentality that make a great leader when we look for the right match. Only then do we pair this wisdom with our proprietary technology and our bespoke database to deliver the right fit.

Ultimately, the Lancor mission is to help businesses achieve transformative growth through executive placement and talent-led deal advisory. We’ve designed our new website to share a little bit more about us and have you understand just how Lancor can work with you. Would love for you to check it out here.